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    Working in the financial services industry requires the same level of proficiency in soft skills as in the more technical aspects of the job.

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    The ethos of Financial Charisma is really all about the CHARISMA......having personal appeal!

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    I work with corporate bankers to develop a consultancy
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Executive 1:1

Catapult your career and well-being to new heights with the personal attention you’ll get working with me on an individual basis. Become an even more valuable asset to your employer and secure your next promotion.

Corporate Culture

Grow and develop your leadership team so that the changes ripple down throughout your entire organisation.  Take responsibility at the top to inspire others and inject new energy into your business.


Set up training and workshops for your employees that go beyond the normal course offering. Train for confidence, not just skills and set new and inspiring standards for success.


Get everyone inspired and on the same page with offsites and corporate events that don’t just temporarily motivate the team, but have a lasting and transformative impact.

Presentation Skills London

Every business organization has a basic process where certain inputs which include material, machinery, manpower, time and effort is processed and converted into something which is saleable and scalable in the market. The aspect of scalability focuses on whether such products and services can be reproduced maintaining certain basic standards repeatedly to serve the customers. If in case such products are scalable, the next thing which needs to be sorted out is whether the customer would take the product willingly. This aspect is controlled and maintained by the sales ability factor of the product. This factor contributes and earns the revenues for the business which in a way is both the foundation and the goal of the business. Without the revenues, the organization cannot sustain its growth and thus it lays the foundation of the business and in order to maintain such growth, revenue generation becomes a primary aim of the organization.

The sale ability of an organization’s output is highly dependant on how the idea of such output and the benefits derived out of such idea is portrayed to the customer. Such portrayal itself would motivate the customers to understand the concept and engage themselves in the process of acquiring such output and use it. Thus, the presentation skills London become very important for the ultimate revenue generation for the organization.

Importance of Presentation Skills

presentation skills London are important at every level. A common misjudgment with this term is the confusion with the PowerPoint presentation made during business meetings. Essentially, the presentation skills are a lot more than that PowerPoint presentation. It is the way in which an idea, a personality and everything related to the individual making the presentation and the organization the individual is representing. It includes both the verbal and the nonverbal clues portrayed by the individual. Presentation is the most important aspect of the entire deal. It is as important as conceptualizing the whole idea of the output. Presentation skills are not only important for the success of the individual, but such individual presentations matter the most in the case of organizational success as well.

Presentation Skills Training

Professional organizations get involved in enhancing the presentation abilities of the individuals. At times even the academic institutions and universities tend to train the students regarding such important skills. An entire industry of brand management and image management has arisen to complement the presentation skills training business. In fact, in this competitive scenario, the image, brand and presentation of such brand and image become even more important for the organization. When the individual presentation skills London increase, automatically the image and the brand of the organization gets a momentum.

London is an important professional and economical hub of the world which houses some of the major organizations and business houses. Such organizations need to enhance and maintain their professional image and brand over the period and thus need to have individuals with proficient presentation skills. Understanding this dire need and requirement, there are various organizations bridging this gap of requirement and availability. Various institutions, organizations and universities get into this professional business of enhancing the presentation skills of the individual and the organizations.

Leadership Development London

Every individual involved in a professional pursuit goes through a rigorous education system which prepares them for the career they pursue. This education system, though builds a strong foundation of theories, concepts and their practical applications academically, there are certain aspects primarily involving the individual character and personality which is not covered under the academic syllabus. Certain skills which are essential for the personal growth in a professional setting include the leadership skills, the communication skills, and the management skills among others. These skills apart from enhancing the personal development of individuals, also enhances the momentum of growth of the organization the individual is a part of at leadership development London.

Leadership Skills and Development

Therefore, leadership development London and such training happen at two different levels. The first development happens at the individual level and the second such development happens at the collective level of the organization. The individual leadership development depends on three important characteristics – the individual’s learning parameters and the specific characters of the individuals which would also include the age, culture and education and other such parameters related to the individual; the nature of the leadership development program and the aim of such program; and finally, such individual leaders need support from the seniors in order to grow.

Such leadership development London becomes mandatory as part of the succession planning of the organization. The high potential leadership pool needs to be ready to take over once there is vacant or expansion plans coming up in the organization. The leadership development does not happen overnight and thus considerable time and effort needs to be put into developing leaders much before such succession need arises.

How are the Leadership Development Program Executed?

The leadership development programs have been popular for years and are gaining even more importance in the scenario of increasing competition. This important skill has even been gaining academic importance and thus, various institutions and universities are increasing taking such development skill into their stride. They occasionally include this into the academic curriculum or organize various programs for different levels of management. There are various professional organizations which also engage into imparting this professional skill for the benefit of the organization. Such programs are customized and offered to various levels of the organization such as middle level management, senior management and junior management as well.

London is a prime economic hub of not only the European Union, but also the World. Many important organizations are based out of this important city. Thus, the need of leadership is also very high in this prime economic city. Many organizations and educational institutes and universities engage themselves in the development of this very important skill of the organizational growth and development.

Sales Training Courses London

The activity of sales and performance of this activity is a major consideration for any organization involved in producing goods or services. In order to understand this point it is important to understand the concept of sales. A sale is essentially the act of selling something. It can be a sale of a product, a service, an idea, a concept or anything for that matter. This sale would in turn generate a compensation which is mainly in terms of monetary compensation. This might sound easy to achieve, but considering the competition in the market, there are several companies doing the same activity and engaging in the same activity of sales. The customers essentially have various available options for one particular need and thus, the process of sales and motivating the customers to purchase the output of an organization is a rather difficult task. In order to fine tune necessary skills, one must go for sales training courses London.

To make this process even more difficult and complicated, there is a human angle to this process. This essentially indicates that there is human involvement in the process in terms of the people who are engaged in the process of sales and the people who essentially buy those sales. When there is human involvement in a process, standardization of such processes becomes difficult. Also, the human brain functions in its own way. Thus, controlling such human brain while the process of sales is underway is both difficult and at times critical to handle as well. Since there is human involvement in the process of sales, there are certain skills which become necessary for the success of such process. Understanding such skills and implementing such skills is essential to fulfill the job of sales of the required output.

How is the Sales Training Imparted?

The sales training courses London are intended to hone up the selling skills of the individuals involved in the process of sales. Such sales trainings can be provided in various ways. They can either be provided in an open environment or in-house. The former essentially indicates an off location or out of the organization, training of such skill in a classroom setup where training can be imparted in the form of theory, practical demonstration and simulation exercises. The in-house training is similar to the on-the-job training programs where the individuals are assessed and taught the important lessons of sales while performing their jobs. Such sales training is important to any form of business organization, whether it is a business to business, business to customer, a retail organization, a service organization, or even companies engaging in telephonic sales.

The professional firms have customized sales trainings for each of these different types of organizations. The sales training programs can be of varying spans and duration depending on the different needs of the customers. Such programs can range from a day program to a week program to even a few month programs depending on the clients’ requirement.

London is a prominent city in the European Union, which is ideally an important business hub as well. Thus, the activity of sales is even more mandatory in this busy city. The various sales force operating in this require regular training and updating regarding the sales skills. There are various organizations and agencies involved in the sales training process.

Executive Coaching London

Numerous skills are often learnt while the individual is in a job. Such learning takes place at different levels of the pursuit the individual follows and learning takes place from all levels of the professional circuit whether the seniors, juniors or the peer group of the individuals. At times, such learning also requires a professional coach or a mentor so that certain aspects can be modified or rebuild to enhance the skill and potential of the individual. Executive Coaching London helps people to learn necessary skills for the job in an efficient manner.

Coaching and its Importance

Coaching is essentially not training or a learning session. It is basically awareness and self assessment forum where a coach helps the individual assess and map his own competence. While assessing the competence levels, the individual would realize his potential himself. Once such potential is realized and the gaps identified by the individual, he would be in a position to find the way out to meet such gaps and this way he enhances his performance. Among this self realization and awareness that the individual is busy with, the coach does an important job of hand holding the individual on the self realization path. There are various types of coaching ranging from life coaching to business coaching to executive coaching to career coaching and many others. Each such coaching concentrates on a specific skill set and aims to improve the same.

What is Executive Coaching?

When an individual gets into an organization and needs to deal with various situations, at times such individual requires to grow certain skills which are required both at the personal and professional level and such skills are vital for the growth and development of the individual. It is important to know that once an individual is recruited into an organization, the development of the organization is partially dependant on the development of the individuals working with the organization. Executive Coaching London aims at such personal growth and development. The basic skills which are taken up during the executive coaching includes communication and especially professional communication of the individual, interpersonal relation and communication while working within a team or group setting, career management and growth, performance management of the individual, enhancing strategic thinking and management skills, conflict management and control, and essentially all such personal abilities and attributes required to enhance team performance and thus the organization’s performance. Such coaching is essentially provided by stimulating the individual’s thought process and thereafter providing them a scope to implement such assessments and realizations on the field and while performing the normal business activities.

Whatever the coaching needs be, coaching sessions always have a motivational perspective which essentially motivates the individual to perform better. Such motivational perspective is enhanced by the firm understanding of the individual’s background and his cultural aspects so that such motivation does not in any way conflict with the understanding and learning of such individuals. London, being a prime city of the European Union, has access to all major facilities and houses many prime business organizations. Thus, the presence of such executive coaches and organization dedicated to imparting such Executive Coaching London is an obvious finding in such a business scenario.

Assertiveness Training London

Since the time, human beings have started living together and the growth of civilizations has taken a head start, business and economy have had a growing impetus. Such growth of business and the economy has always been important for sustaining oneself apart from sustaining the society with the primary factor of growth and development. The parameters of measuring the effectiveness of such businesses have always evolved and would constantly be evolving. No standard of performance can be judged as perfect and self fulfilling because there are plenty of ways of doing such businesses. In this growing economy and competitive scenario, there are certain abilities which are a must for the individuals and the business organizations. One of such ability is the quality of assertiveness. Assertiveness training London provides suitable know how for the growth of the business.

What is Assertiveness and Assertive Communication?

Assertiveness training London is the self assurance and confidence that an individual possesses and portrays while dealing with this competitive world. The self assurance and confidence that is being discussed here is regarding the affirmation and belief that the individual has about his point of view and his perspectives. Such assertive belief and perception does not require a proof or substance, but the affirmation with which it is presented and communicated become self evident of its factual and correctness.

There is a very subtle difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness. The individuals need to be careful while using assertiveness since over assertiveness can in turn result into aggressiveness which might be an offending element for other individuals and parties to the communication process. Assertiveness is the middle path between the aggressive, threatening and overpowering with someone’s views and judgments and the passive submission of views which might seldom be ignored and denied.

Assertive communication is the presentation of such firm belief and perceptions of an individual without hurting others viewpoints. It is basically concerned with the issue rather than the person involved in the issue.

How does the Assertiveness Training proceed?

Such assertiveness needs to be trained and adapted to the better performance of the individuals and the organization as well. The Assertiveness training London have thus gained importance over the years and there are professional institutes conducting such trainings. These trainings primarily aim at educating the individuals regarding their rights both the personal and professional rights. Such trainings ideally highlight the difference and benefits of assertiveness as compared to non-assertiveness. These trainings also focus on various other forms of communication such as passive submission, aggressiveness and passive aggressiveness. It is important for an individual to learn that the assertiveness is not only communicated through words but also through nonverbal clues.

London is the heart of the United Kingdom which is a major European nation. The city, with its glorious past, has an immense effect on the global business scenario. This nation is accredited to be the development of the English Language and not only the language, but it is also the initiator of many such concepts. With some of the major global organizations and the leading educational institutes within the boundaries of the city of London, it is sure to have many such Assertiveness training centers because business lies at the core of this city.

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