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    Personal Development

    Wisdom, Productivity, Enthusiasm!

    Working in the financial services industry requires the same level of proficiency in soft skills as in the more technical aspects of the job.

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    Leadership & Management Skills

    Strong, Effective Leadership!

    The ethos of Financial Charisma is really all about the CHARISMA......having personal appeal!

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    Sales Training 

    Sales Confidence, Authenticity!

    I work with corporate bankers to develop a consultancy
    ethos, helping potential

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Executive 1:1

Catapult your career and well-being to new heights with the personal attention you’ll get working with me on an individual basis. Become an even more valuable asset to your employer and secure your next promotion.

Corporate Culture

Grow and develop your leadership team so that the changes ripple down throughout your entire organisation.  Take responsibility at the top to inspire others and inject new energy into your business.


Set up training and workshops for your employees that go beyond the normal course offering. Train for confidence, not just skills and set new and inspiring standards for success.


Get everyone inspired and on the same page with offsites and corporate events that don’t just temporarily motivate the team, but have a lasting and transformative impact.

My Story

dsc 0034 199x300Why should you work with me?
First of all, I've got the experience! I have had a senior level corporate banking career that spans 25 years. I understand what makes financial institutions and corporations tick and what the issues are.

I have successfully led client management teams as the Global Automotive Industry Head for Commerzbank and the European Automotive Industry Head for JPMorgan Chase. My teams were consistently amongst the top revenue producers for the Corporate Bank. I am a master of cross-selling and working effectively with all product areas within an organisation. I originated corporate finance transactions generating over €10 million per annum and managed a loan portfolio of over €3 billion, annually reviewing strategy and credit issues.

I was a highly effective client relationship manager and regularly won praise from my corporate customers for prompt follow-up, efficiency, anticipating their needs, having full insight into their business strategy, presenting appropriate financing structures and over-delivering.

I am an experienced corporate trainer with a special emphasis on Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness in Business as well as Communication & Business Storytelling. which all have a direct impact on sales and the bottom line. I'm also a Master Practitioner of NLP for creating rapport, better communication and persuasion engineering.

I was Head of Business Strategy & Performance Development for the Corporate Bank of RBS and have been involved in establishing new businesses within the corporate banking environment, such as a Credit Portfolio Management group at Commerzbank. During this project, I helped management to implement new and very controversial loan pricing methodology and was instrumental in mediating pricing disputes.

I am adept at strategic planning and creative solution development and through skilful delivery of high level projects, I have been able to have a decisive impact on the bottom line of many top-tier financial organisations. I was able to slash capital costs by 10% for one of the financial institutions I worked for by leading a data clean-up initiative in the loan booking process.

I have experienced bank mergers first hand and worked on merger implementation. My career began in New York with Manufacturers Hannover, which then merged with Chemical Bank, subsequently merged with Chase Manhattan, and then with JP Morgan. I was also employed with Commerzbank when it acquired Dresdner Bank and worked on merger-related activities in London for 18 months where I delivered a credit derivative migration project on-time / on-budget by leading cross-functional teams effectively. I am versed in managing change initiatives and working collaboratively across departmental barriers to achieve corporate goals.

More importantly, working with me is fun and transformational.  I will not subject you to death by PowerPoint, but I lead very experiencial workshops and training programmes that result in behavioural change. 

Personal Development


Working in business requires the same level of proficiency in soft skills as in the more technical aspects of the job. I work with your executives and senior managers to improve their performance ... Read More

Leadership & Management Skills


Strong and effective leadership skills are a necessity in today's volatile business environment. For you to maintain a competitive advantage, you need to be on top of your game ... Read More

Sales Training


I work with business executives to develop a consultancy ethos, helping potential customers to solve a problem or fill a need. This approach to selling focuses on your customer and adds value to the client ... Read More

Home Page


Financial Charisma is all about making your company or business a productive, thriving and innovative environment in which to work. The corporate world has undergone ... Read More