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    Personal Development

    Wisdom, Productivity, Enthusiasm!

    Working in the financial services industry requires the same level of proficiency in soft skills as in the more technical aspects of the job.

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    Leadership & Management Skills

    Strong, Effective Leadership!

    The ethos of Financial Charisma is really all about the CHARISMA......having personal appeal!

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    Sales Training 

    Sales Confidence, Authenticity!

    I work with corporate bankers to develop a consultancy
    ethos, helping potential

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Executive 1:1

Catapult your career and well-being to new heights with the personal attention you’ll get working with me on an individual basis. Become an even more valuable asset to your employer and secure your next promotion.

Corporate Culture

Grow and develop your leadership team so that the changes ripple down throughout your entire organisation.  Take responsibility at the top to inspire others and inject new energy into your business.


Set up training and workshops for your employees that go beyond the normal course offering. Train for confidence, not just skills and set new and inspiring standards for success.


Get everyone inspired and on the same page with offsites and corporate events that don’t just temporarily motivate the team, but have a lasting and transformative impact.

Business NLP

Your brain, thoughts, and behaviour are at the core of everything that you do every day, even if you aren’t aware of it. In order to truly achieve the results that you want to achieve, you must master the art of bringing your unconscious thoughts to the surface, so that you can have real choice over how you interact with and respond to the world. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can give you the tools to do just that. In this 2-day workshop, you will learn the basics of NLP. We will give you the tools to manage your thoughts, and thereby manage yourself. We will also give you some hands-on experience with important NLP techniques, including anchoring, establishing congruency, developing rapport, creating outcomes, interpreting and presenting information efficiently, and even some self-hypnosis techniques.

What Will Students Learn?

Define neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and its key terms
Describe the key presuppositions of NLP
Describe the five key senses as seen by NLP
States of mind/modes of thinking using predicates & visual cues
Develop and refine response strategies for any situation
Use enriched language to engage your audience
Interpret body language based on NLP principles
Ask clean, precise questions to get the information you need
Use hypnotic language and positive commands to get results
Develop a deeper rapport with others
Use anchoring to create a desired state of mind
Become congruent with your inner self
Understand and apply basic self-hypnosis techniques
Create goals with momentum using NLP’s outcome framework
Present, interpret, and analyze information using the 7±2 rule and the chunking technique

What Topics are Covered?

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?
The NLP Presuppositions
The Senses According to NLP
Using Enriched Language
Interpreting Body Language
Asking Clean Questions
The Power of Hypnotic Language
Putting it All Together
Developing Rapport
Getting in Tune with Yourself
Creating Comprehensive Outcomes
Creating a Desired State with Anchoring
Chunking Information

Personal Development


Working in business requires the same level of proficiency in soft skills as in the more technical aspects of the job. I work with your executives and senior managers to improve their performance ... Read More

Leadership & Management Skills


Strong and effective leadership skills are a necessity in today's volatile business environment. For you to maintain a competitive advantage, you need to be on top of your game ... Read More

Sales Training


I work with business executives to develop a consultancy ethos, helping potential customers to solve a problem or fill a need. This approach to selling focuses on your customer and adds value to the client ... Read More

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Financial Charisma is all about making your company or business a productive, thriving and innovative environment in which to work. The corporate world has undergone ... Read More