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    Personal Development

    Wisdom, Productivity, Enthusiasm!

    Working in the financial services industry requires the same level of proficiency in soft skills as in the more technical aspects of the job.

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    Leadership & Management Skills

    Strong, Effective Leadership!

    The ethos of Financial Charisma is really all about the CHARISMA......having personal appeal!

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    Sales Training 

    Sales Confidence, Authenticity!

    I work with corporate bankers to develop a consultancy
    ethos, helping potential

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Executive 1:1

Catapult your career and well-being to new heights with the personal attention you’ll get working with me on an individual basis. Become an even more valuable asset to your employer and secure your next promotion.

Corporate Culture

Grow and develop your leadership team so that the changes ripple down throughout your entire organisation.  Take responsibility at the top to inspire others and inject new energy into your business.


Set up training and workshops for your employees that go beyond the normal course offering. Train for confidence, not just skills and set new and inspiring standards for success.


Get everyone inspired and on the same page with offsites and corporate events that don’t just temporarily motivate the team, but have a lasting and transformative impact.

Coordinate Your Mind and Body

You can test this by standing with your legs shoulder length apart and asking a friend to push you gently on your collarbone. If you are "in your head" thinking about all sorts of things, listening to your mind chatter, stressed, or worried, you will be very unstable when pushed.


Now take your concentration down to this point in your abdomen and imagine that your legs are like tree trunks grounding you with their long roots. Ask your friend to gently push you again and you will find that you are stable and do not even wobble.

This technique is something that you can use in all areas of your life to maintain a sense of calm and to ground yourself.

Aikido teaches us that relaxation works better than strength. It is fascinating to find all the areas in your life where a relaxed approach improves your results. Great athletes have known this for a long time. They imagine a positive outcome (winning) and then relax into their game.

I've just completed a training course on Presentation Skills for the Associates Programme of a large US investment bank. I taught them how to use this technique to become a much more effective presenters. Peak performance is achieved by being grounded, relaxed and focusing on a positive outcome. You can use this in many areas of your life and business.

Personal Development


Working in business requires the same level of proficiency in soft skills as in the more technical aspects of the job. I work with your executives and senior managers to improve their performance ... Read More

Leadership & Management Skills


Strong and effective leadership skills are a necessity in today's volatile business environment. For you to maintain a competitive advantage, you need to be on top of your game ... Read More

Sales Training


I work with business executives to develop a consultancy ethos, helping potential customers to solve a problem or fill a need. This approach to selling focuses on your customer and adds value to the client ... Read More

Home Page


Financial Charisma is all about making your company or business a productive, thriving and innovative environment in which to work. The corporate world has undergone ... Read More